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What is Triangles?

Triangles is about giving care experienced young people the opportunity to have their voices heard,  build relationships, a support network and create positive change in their regions for themselves and other young people with care experience.

To do this, we recruit 8 ‘Triangles’ from around the UK- with each triangle being made up of two young people with care experience and one front-line practitioner, volunteer or carer that they have a positive relationship with.

Each Triangle has the opportunity to take on a Care Journey Mission- something that will create positive change in their region for current and or future care experienced young people.

Each participant also has the option to identify and gain support to achieve a Personal Development Goal this could be wellbeing to skills, opportunities to training.

Each Triangle is then supported to develop their missions through 12 months of personal and skills based development, including support through 'Triangle Days', 4 weekend challenge based Residential’s, a supportive Barnardos Champion with different types of expertise to help with their mission, and many Voice and Influence opportunities to influence and inform the Barnardos Core Priority Programme. 

At the end of their Triangles journey, each Triangle will have the opportunity to create a Business Case for their mission being funded and becoming a real project to create change in their region.

Triangles Values  

  • Young people with care experience are experts by experience - we need to listen to, and work with the people we are trying to support 
  • Front-line staff are closest to the young people we are trying to empower, - they’re the ones who are experts at forming the which help to make the difference – they need to have a powerful voice within the CPP and inform positive change 
  • Relationships  regular key message from both young people and research is that it is the right support with the right people at the right times that makes the difference

What is Barnardo's offer?

Young and and Barnardo's worker laughing

  • Co-production- Believing in young people and investing in them.
  • Innovation- Triangles is a safe space to experiment with ideas and innovation 
  • Participation- Giving young people a voice and working alongside them in a meaningful, honest, and inclusive way 
  • Trauma Informed- being safely able to make mistakes and to get things wrong- remembering it’s a journey.
  • Giving care experienced young people and professionals a platform to grow
  • Putting Barnardo's resources behind YP to help them flourish.

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