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Brent - We Shine Bright Together

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We Shine Bright Together

The We Shine Bright Together (WSBT) Movement is a movement for care leavers by care leavers in Brent. Members of the movement are commitment to creating/seeing positive changes in the future for all care leavers. 
• Be a Brent Care Leaver/Care Experienced—Aged 18-25.
• Be committed to seeing change and willing to work as part of a group/co-design system changes to help others.
• Members of the movement will take part in co-design workshops, forums, activities.
• There will only ever be 40 members of the movement at a time; however membership availability  is rolling ….so for example if someone exits the movement due to age (25+) or life/work commitments—new spaces will become available.
Why a movement? Not a programme/service?
We are looking to empower care leavers to become part of a movement that lasts beyond 2025 when Barnardo’s are no longer  facilitating Care Journeys in Brent. It’s about the movement helping continuing to create change long after 2025.

How To Join/Express Your Interest

Give us a call or Whatsapp/Text 'WSBT TELL ME MORE' for a call back from the Barnardo's Team 
Appia: 07746126910  Serena: 07746126718

Or to find out more visit our website at or check out our Instagram account @carejourneys_wsbt

Here + now opportunities…

From time to time Barnardo’s will be facilitating activities for young people; some of these so far have included Go Karting, Horse Riding,  Group meals etc.—these opportunities are not limited to those on the movement.  Whilst some members of the movement will be leading on activities and helping to mentor others– the activities will be open to the wider care leaver group in Brent also (subject to spaces/availability).
Voice + Influence 
Barnardo’s are able to link care leavers to voice and influence opportunities– whether it be speaking with a  BBC Broadcaster or a local MP to ensure your voices are heard– these opportunities will be open to Brent Care Leavers as they arise.
Additional Opportunities
The movement will be looking at ways to capture the views, thoughts, and wishes of all Care Leavers in Brent—and help source opportunities that will be beneficial for all care leavers to access. Your PA’s will be kept updated of these opportunities so don’t hesitate to take part.